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Covid 19-Safe Stay


Covid-19 Safe Stay


Dear Guest

Caring for our guests and employees is always our top priority. While we have always maintained a high standard of service and hygiene, we have now put additional measures in place in response to COVID – 19. These measures are in place to limit any potential risks but also to meet Government guidelines. These measures will be reviewed regularly as the guidelines continue to be updated.

 Reception Public areas

        ·         Protective guards are in place at the front desk to protect all.

·         Signage is also displayed guiding patrons on social distancing, queuing, correct hand and respiratory etiquette.

·         A return key system is in place where keys are returned without contact with our staff.

·         Numerous sanitizer points are in place throughout the property on entrances, back of house and high-volume areas.

·         Increased cleaning regimes in the bar, reception and restaurant areas. Furniture also rearranged to facilitate our social distance policy.

·         Updated the cleaning and sanitization program in both the front and back of the house, including all touch points with the   appropriate chemicals.

·         COVID – 19 induction training delivered to all employees

·         All staff are fully aware of their responsibilities when it comes to the prevention of the spread of infection. 

·         Encourage contactless payment and minimize the use of cash. Credit card machines are sanitized in all departments following each use.

·         All staff to wear appropriate PPE equipment according to regulations & company policy.

·         We have limited the capacity in the lift to only one person unless a family group from same household.




        ·         We have implemented more processes in sanitizing guest rooms and all linen washed to the correct temperature. Special                                  attention being placed on touch points.

·         We have removed any unnecessary objects from rooms such as pens, cushions, throws.

·         Windows are being left open in guest rooms after departure and during service to allow the movement of air.

·         We have changed how we service stayover rooms in line with business best practice.

·         To avoid unnecessary contact in your room by our team members our rooms will be services on departure only (Rooms can be serviced on request).

 ·      If additional items are requested, they will be placed in your room when you are out or outside your door if you are occupying the room.       



 Dining & Bar Areas

·            Please Wait to be Seated Signs are in place with a Host greeting guests and seating.

·            Full table service for restaurants and bar for all meals

·            All of our furniture rearranged to facilitate physical distancing with protective screens also installed.

·            All guests to stay with own group and must not share tables with other guests

·            All crockery, glassware & cutlery has been cleaned at correct temperature

·            Individually wrapped cutlery & condiments.

·            Updated the cleaning and sanitization protocols throughout service and after each table

·            Sanitiser stations will be on all entry & exit points

·            All staff to wear appropriate PPE equipment according to regulations & company policy

·            Lead Worker Representative on duty to ensure compliance

·            Signage is also displayed guiding patrons on social distancing, queuing, correct hand and respiratory etiquette

·            Encourage contactless payment and minimize the use of cash. Credit card machines are sanitized in all departments following each use


            Guidelines for Guests

Prior to your stay with us:

We request that any guests experiencing flu-like symptoms postpone their visit to a later time. Similarly,if you have been in contact with anyone who has since tested positive, please refrain from visiting the hotel for fourteen days and you have been given medical clearance.

We are offering flexibility for all cancellations where possible.

Consider the following advice on how to protect yourselp from COVID-19 infection.

All guests are asked to maintain HSE guidelines and maintain social distance from staff and other guests at all times. Posters will be on display in public bathrooms to inform of good hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette


Wash hands properly and regularly:

 1. Before and after eating or drinking

 2. After going to the toilet, nose blowing, sneezing or coughing

 3. After cleaning procedures, handling waste and waste bins

 4. After handling contaminated (dirty) items

 5. Whenever hands become visibly dirty

 6.  Practice good respiratory hygiene:

Cover mouth when coughing and sneezing:

Cover nose and mouth with disposable tissues – if you don’t have a tissue, cough or sneeze into your arm or sleeve (not hand).

Place used tissues into a bin – wash your hands immediately afterwards

Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth

Review travel guidance from your own country’s Department of Foreign Affairs and the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs


If you are in a high-risk group, consider if travel is in your best interest. Discuss your concerns with your doctor by phone and keep your distance from people who are sick.

Those considered to be at higher risk for COVID-19 include the following:

 ·   People aged 65 years and older

 ·   People with long-term medical conditions – for example, heart disease, lung disease, diabetes or liver disease


 ·   A cough

 ·   Shortness of breath

 ·   Breathing difficulties

 ·   Fever (high temperature)

If you have any symptoms during your stay please inform us immediately as we have additional protocols in the handling of a potential case of COVID-19.Please note that guest contact information will be kept on file solely for contact tracing purposes and will not be used for any other purpose without the individual consent.

Should you require any assistance during your stay please do not hesitate to contact a member of our managment team. Instructions that may be given by staff will be for your protection and we anticipate your co-operation in advance.

Kind Regards,


Managment .




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